Namada (NAM)

Namada is a sovereign proof-of-stake blockchain, using Tendermint BFT consensus, which enables multi-asset private transfers for any native or non-native asset using a multi-asset shielded pool derived from the Sapling circuit. Namada features full IBC protocol support, a natively integrated Ethereum bridge, a modern proof-of-stake system with automatic reward compounding and cubic slashing, a stake-weighted governance signalling mechanism, and a dual proactive/retroactive public goods funding system. Users of shielded transfers are rewarded for their contributions to the privacy set in the form of native protocol tokens. A multi-asset shielded transfer wallet is provided in order to facilitate safe and private user interaction with the protocol.

Using Namada you can transfer your ETH, DAI or any other fungible asset or NFT from Ethereum or your ATOM or OSMO from any IBC chain and send them around privately with a few second transaction latency and near-zero fees.